Measuring noise continuously, live online sound analysis

Monitoring noise measurements, analysis and reporting

Online real-time information on noise level, continuously and objective: the certified INSIGHTNOW™ noise measurement system.

The INSIGHTNOW™ sound meters, class 1 or class 2, measure environmental noise continously. As a result, we simplify noise management, noise enforcement and understanding noise levels.

All sources of environmental noise, like industrial sites, power stations, construction sites or entertainment venues can easily be continuous monitored, long-term.

As all noise measurement data is stored in our INSIGHTNOW platform realtime, analysis of any continuous, intermittent, broadband or tonal noise is easy and results in objective insight.

We can even customize our noise measurement solutions to specific requirements to fit your application.

Brochure on noise measurement

Overview of noise case references

Some noise measurement applications



Measurement of sound levels

Detection passages and SEL levels

Classification, correlation

Suitable for long term

Wireless and self-sufficient

In many cases, it is important for municipal governments, organisations or even individuals to assess infrastructure sound levels using actual noise measurements instead of reverting to the official models. Measurements at roads and railways are complex because a lacking network and energy infrastructure. Munisense offers certified sound meters (class 1 or 2) which have high availability and are 100% wireless.

Leaflet Noise Measurements Infrastructure



Monitoring of noise

Early warning of noise-budget overruns

In accordance with local building legislation

Recognition of construction noise

Fully autonomous

Measuring construction noise is characterized by long labour-intensive noise measurement sessions with meticulous analysis afterwards. Munisense makes this easy. Our sound meters can be installed easily at the building sites. Beside noise levels, sound recordings help to differentiate between construction and back-ground noise. In cooperation with consulting firms, our noise measurements can be translated into direct action, policy or advice.

Cafes and clubs

Cafes and clubs

Avoids fines and hearing damage

Easy to use

Automatic reporting

Long term reviews

Monitors sound levels

Our service offers a detailed insight of the sound levels in and outside nightlife establishments. Our sound meters can be installed quickly and the system is easy to use. The noise measurement system provides automatic reports and alerts when noise levels are exceeded. This makes enforcement easier and complaints can be analyzed faster. In addition to the leaflet below, you can find more information about our equipment and services for nightlife businesses at

Leaflet Horecasense



Understanding of sound spectra

Measurements at events and/or residences

Supports the 103 dBA covenant

Customized reporting

Quick analysis in case of complaints

Using our sound meters you will have always up to date insight into noise levels at events. Our products are wireless and self-sufficient and as a result can be installed quickly in small or for large areas. The noise measurement system supports multiple sound meters that can be deployed at all sound sensitive places including residences in the surrounding area. The system can differentiate event sounds using spectral technology and it can be configured for automatic reporting.

Leaflet Horecasense

Firework or gunshot detection

Firework or gunshot detection

Reduces the use of illegal firework

And reduces the illegal use of firework

Immediately identifies the place of explosion

Developed by the Dutch National Research Lab TNO

Despite reducing the timespan firework is allowed to set-of legally and, in some municipalities, eliminating firework completely, in the Netherlands the days around new-year's eve are filled with firework explosions and unsafe situations on the streets. By detecting in real-time where explosions occur and immediately guiding police or others to the place delict this nuisance can be dealt with effectively. TNO (Dutch National Research Lab) has developed the algorithms which now have been productised by Munisense. As a result this service becomes available broadly and at a reasonable rate. Please call for an immediate quote.

Leaflet Firework Detection

MyLaps noise management

MyLaps noise management

In-race measurements

Measures emission of individual racers

Makes enforcement easy

TNO Certified

Analysis and reporting

Using the MyLaps noise management system, motor clubs can enforce pre-set noise emissions for individual racers. Every passing, the system monitors the noise emission from the racing motor, cart or car and determines the identity of the driver using the MyLaps active tag. The system reports the list of racers ranked on their noise emission. It is immediately clear who abides and who doesn't abide by the rules. If necessary racers can be taken out of the race. Using this system clubs can show local government that they follow the noise regulations and are willing to take action to individuals that don't. The system is in use by the Dutch KNMV and the MON, and is in 2014 certified by TNO, the Dutch National Research Lab. MyLaps (Haarlem, The Netherlands) is the system distributor.

MyLaps noise management (Dutch)


We offer a variety of products and services as a default, such as sensors, meters and gateways. We can, in addition, provide products that are tailored to the needs of our clients. With our INSIGHTNOW™ service it is easy to have online insight in your smart city data.



The INSIGHTNOW™ service consists of wireless sensing in combination with an on-line back-office and customer portal providing measurement data and control at all times from anywhere around the globe.



Munisense developed a unique product for measuring sound levels in night-life establishments. The product provides real-time insight in sound level for use by DJs, technicians, management, and permit enforcement.

Together with MyLaps, Munisense has developed a noise measurement system for in-race validation of noise levels from motorbikes, carts, or racing cars.

Sound meters

Sound meters

Munisense offers different devices for standard use. Included in our portfolio are Class-1 and Class-2 meters, and our patented 3D meter that calculates every second the direction of the dominant source. For additional information please contact us.

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