We offer unique and affordable Smart City IoT services for real-time measurements and control.
Our equipment is optimized for environments and situations where independance of energy and data communication network are also of great importance. 
We offer solutions for the following specialties:


Quick and cost-effective integration of measurements and system control for businesses, governments and authorities. Besides developing products and services, Munisense also handles the operational processes to keep applications running, like network monitoring and maintenance. We also develop OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products. Please find some examples of our projects below:

Leuven Horecasense

The city of Leuven in Belgium wants to limit noise nuisances from nightlife for its citizens and they want to prevent damage to the hearing of the nightlife participants. The city has issued regulations that require establishments that play loud music to limit the sound levels and monitor these levels continuously. Munisense provides noise monitoring equipment to almost 100 establishments and provides management and the city with compliance data. The system consists of a sound meter, a display that shows the real-time sound levels, and an on-line portal to view violations and historical data. For more information please see www.horecasense.nl (in Dutch).

The Wareco Water Data (WWD) is a turn-key service from Wareco Ingenieurs in the field of managing groundwater networks and monitoring groundwater during construction and replacing sewer lines.
Our equipment, cloud platform and services is Wareco's added value to their engineering services.

Havenspoorpad dynamisch verlicht

Intelligent Smart City Lighting. The Eurel system, as implemented at the Havenspoor bicyclepath in Rotterdam, is an innovative real-time on-line dynamic light management system. The system transforms static lighting into on-line controllable lighting with the ability to adjust light levels to real-time needs. The result is energy efficiency by allowing low light levels when there is no need to illuminate, and safety by increasing light levels when necessary. The Eurel system uses all functionalities of our INSIGHTNOW™ platform.

The Eurel system is the next step towards smart and sustainable infrastructures and is a seamless addition to our portfolio. The Eurel system is not just lighting, but is an integral concept for smart infrastructures offering flexibility and a future-proof solution.
- Dion Gigenpack - Elspec bv

Healthy schools

The City of Amsterdam has investigated the indoor climate of its 360 schoolbuildings with our indoor climate meters. Based on the data from these CS4 measurement sets, improvement priorites have been set.
Results of implemented improvements will also be monitored based on objective measurement data from the CS4 meters in our INSIGHTNOW™ cloud platform.


Visit the Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs, March 21-23

For the first time Munisense takes part in the Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs this year, the source of inspiration for the entire water sector.

From March 21-23 you will meet us at booth # 316 in the Evenementenhal in Gorinchem, The Netherlands.

We will bring you up to speed on the benefits and convenience of integrating our telemetric water level meters and our other smart city products.

Looking forward to see you then!

Training International Distributors

Mid January 2017 some of our International Distributors, from Finland, Ireland and Singapore, visited us for training.

Trainees visiting the Havenspoorpad project

The trainings, demos and hands on sessions will give our International reps the skills to sell, train and install Munisense equipment in their territories.

The training also included several field trips to projects on sound mapping (City of Delft), dynamic lighting (Havenspoorpad Rotterdam) and noise management for events (Westergasfabriek).

Real-time data for Hackacity Utrecht & Amersfoort

Tomorrow, friday, May 27 Hackacity will be launched during the Campus Party in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Developers from different backgrounds will work for 24 hours to develop smart city solutions using Munisense realtime data and FIWARE

The developers can use data collected with dozens noise and indoor climate sensors that we installed around the station areas in Utrecht and Amersfoort, specifically for Hackacity. The real-time data is available via the Munisense INSIGHTNOW platform and our Open Data support: https://opendata.munisense.net. The Munisense API conforms to FIWARE architecture.
In addition to the Munisense open data platform the developers also have access to datasets of governments, companies, research institutions and data platform.

Participants are challenged to come up with innovative 'Healthy Urban Living' applications for an environmentally friendly, safe and active station area. The solutions should thereby focus on the station areas of Utrecht and Amersfoort, and must also be globally scalable to other cases.

The FIWARE Platform provides a rather simple yet powerful set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that ease the development of Smart Applications in multiple vertical sectors, whose specifications are public and royalty-free. Besides acquiring does not cost any money, these software modules and components are quicker to adapt to changes in the marketplace and allow the developers to use the same pieces of technology in their software architecture while designing and implementing for different domains.

Hackacity is a hackathon that aims to test big data and promotes its use to develop solutions that will have an impact in the city, but also foster collaboration amongst stakeholders.

With the support of the OASC Initiative (Open and Agile Smart Cities), Hackacity challenges cities around the world in order to work together in a first attempt to implement an integrated approach of the use of data for the creation of innovative urban solutions.

For 24 hours, participants  get together to develop solutions based in open source platforms as FIWARE to address challenges faced by the citizens, using data provided by the city.

Winner of Hackacity in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, will get (financial) support for the development of the actual solution and money will be available for a proof of concept project in a city.

City of Amsterdam has the ambition to get all schools in Amsterdam healthy with respect to the indoor environment, the energy consumption and the use of renewable energy. The positive effect of a healthy, 'fresh' indoor climate on the academic performance of children has been demonstrated by research and school experiences.

For prioritizing the 90 existing school buildings that the municipality also wants to tackle in the period 2016-2018, they have chosen for the deployment of 120 Munisense indoor meters in 167 primary and 90 secondary schools (special) education.

Insight and Analysis
The Munisense system consists INSIGHTNOW ™ network of easily deployable wireless indoor meters, and the INSIGHTNOW ™ cloud platform, where the meters send all their measurement data to in real-time.

The parameters measured by this new generation online Munisense indoor meters (model CS4) are temperature, humidity and CO2. These values give a good indication of air quality. After identification and filtering and, if required, after correlation and validation with meteorological data, the data from all meters is available via smartphone, tablet or web browser for comprehensive analysis, visualization and reporting in the INSIGHTNOW ™ platform.

Evaluation issues
In each school the meters record CO2, humidity levels and temperature 24/7 in the classrooms.The measurement data from the INSIGHTNOW ™ platform is analyzed by experts. Based on the results these experts, that are employed by the municipality of Amsterdam, give advice to the city and the schools on improvement measures.

Fresh and clean working environment

At work complaints from employees often lead to research of the indoor climate. Headache, fatigue, eye irritation and respiratory tract and an above-average absents are common complaints. It is important to minimize health risks. This requires the important first step of mapping the situation.

More information about your schoolclimate, or hotel or office complex? Read more at indoor environment or call for our options to achieve optimal performance in a fresh and clean indoor environment.

Firework detection hot news item

Our firework detection system has been a hot item in the media during and after the past holiday season. With a meter accuracy, our tactically placed meters detected many locations of fireworks nuisance. Local enforcers received real time details on locations of fireworks popping on their smartphone.

NOS, RTL, BNR, National Dutch newspapers like Telegraaf and AD as well as regional broadcasters published about the Munisense system and the app.

The municipalities were very pleased with the operation of the system, the effectiveness and goals, such as detecting hot spots. The police and city guards could add these hot spots in an extra surveillance and detection of delinquents setting off fireworks.
Thus the nuisance, of fireworks popping is reduced and issues a preventive signal

A selection from the long list of Dutch news items:

RTL nieuws: Meer gemeenten zetten vuurwerkdetectie in (video)

NOS op 3, deze meter spoort je vuurwerk op (article)

Knalsensoren sporen vuurwerk in Ommoord op (video RTV Rijnmond)

Security Management: Gemeenten testen vuurwerkdetectie-systeem (article)

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  • Webdeveloper for sensordata SAAS

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